armando migliolaro

Who is Armando Migliolaro?

I've traveled a long road before embarking on this journey. For 20 years, I was an entrepreneur.

I managed a wellness hotel in a renowned spa destination: Abano - Montegrotto Terme. One day, after careful analysis and reflection on my life, I realized that the life I was living wasn't exactly what I wanted. I understood that by continuing on this path, I would never achieve the inner peace and happiness I desired. I took a sabbatical and flew to Australia for two months to seriously and thoroughly evaluate how I intended to spend the remaining part of my existence.

I left Padua and my previous life behind and began this new, fabulous, and endless journey in Milan. Even in Padua, I followed spiritual evolution groups in the context of REIKi and other disciplines. I didn't anticipate that the desire for spirituality and wellness would soon translate into a life choice and a profession that would bring me so much satisfaction and confirmation.


Upon arriving in Milan, I embarked on numerous training courses that would subsequently lead to various professional qualifications, as detailed below:
- CONI training as a SPORTS MASSAGE TECHNICIAN at the Adhara school, a CSEN accredited center in Milan
- Three-year training in traditional Chinese medicine and SHIATSU at the SHIATSU XIN school by Franco Bottalo.
- Two-year training in ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE at the European School of Massage Medicine by Dr. Giovanni Leanti La Rosa
- Training as a TEACHER of ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE at the same school
- Water Shiatsu training (Water Shiatsu) up to the practitioner level, a method learned directly from the founder Mr. Harold and his closest collaborators
- AQUA WELLNESS training (Underwater Water Shiatsu)
- MAS.CUR.INT training (integrated healing massage, kinesiology, crystal therapy, Bach flowers) method learned directly from the founder Dr. Lorenzo Capello
- 1st and 2nd level THAI MASSAGE training in the Canary Islands,
- Basic training in TRIDOSHA AYURVEDIC MASSAGE technique at the Asia center in Montegrotto Terme
- KALARI MASSAGE training at C.Y. Surya International School of Yoga and Ayurveda in Milan
- Three-year training in NATUROPATHY at the RIZA Institute in Milan by Dr. Raffaele Morelli
- BODY READING training in PSYCHOSOMATICS at the Riza Institute in Milan

Reading this description may seem like I spend my life studying and taking courses. In reality, over the years, I've discovered what it means to have fun while studying, learning, and working. The various trainings have gradually educated me to a new way of life whose reference values ​​are mental clarity, peace, and inner balance. Now I have much more awareness of my choices and my freedom. Indeed, the experiences of recent years have been truly precious for my human, spiritual, and professional development. For this, I want to thank all those who have crossed my path in various ways: my classmates from various courses, the teachers, the colleagues, and above all the clients, thanks to whom I have been able to deepen my knowledge of the human being in its physical aspect through various problems, pains, injuries of various kinds, as well as in its psychological aspect with fears, anxieties, loneliness, and desires, and also in its spiritual aspect, through the hunger for knowledge and overcoming of one's own limits.

Armando migliolaro


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