massaggio californiano

The Californian massage emerged in the early 1970s in California, near San Francisco. Its birth took place within the development, in the United States, of a series of therapies that advocated for the liberation of the body, the expression of feelings, and the overall balance of the individual.

The Ritual of Californian Massage


The Californian massage is an extremely sensual massage. Using scented and relaxing essential oils, it involves enveloping and molding the body as a whole, alternating fluid, light, or deeper movements, mostly focusing on the surface of the skin. These are slow, gentle, and wide gestures: it's as if the hands perform a harmonious dance on the body, while following and respecting the meridian lines, reflex points, and muscular pathways of the body.

The Californian massage is emotional and complete: its benefits

It is especially aimed at those seeking a moment of true relaxation, those who want to surrender and reconnect with their body's harmony. Thanks to its gentleness, which awakens the senses, the emotional Californian massage promotes the following benefits:

- Relaxation that benefits particularly stressed and overworked individuals.
- Gentle stimulation of numerous nerve endings in the body.
- Stabilization of nervous balance.

Enhancing internalization, the complete Californian massage thus allows one to rediscover the richness of the senses and to listen to the signals that the body sends. Therefore, its effect is both physical and psychological, as this massage improves, by reflection, the perception of the body, listening, self-esteem, and promotes fulfillment.


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