massaggio sportivo


Deep Tissue Massage is a sporting massage that is done before and after the sports performer. 

The aim is to prepare the athlete, both amateur and professional, for performance, promote recovery, lower muscle tone and restore flexibility and mobility. When small injuries occur due to overload or excessive stretching of the muscles, we intervene by speeding up the recovery process. Finally, sports massage has positive effects on blood and lymphatic circulation, normalizing pressure.

 The beneficial properties attributed to deep tissue massage are:

  • reduction of muscle tension
  • decrease in plasma levels of cortisol and serotonin with consequent reduction of anxiety and improvement of mood;
  • increase in circulating endorphins with consequent inhibition of pain sensation
  • reduction in heart rate and blood pressure
  • stimulation of local microcirculation
  • draining effect combined with accelerated removal of lactic acid and metabolic waste produced during sporting activity
  • decongesting and relaxation of the tissues, combined with accelerated healing from muscle contractures
  • injury prevention
  • muscular preparation for physical activity.    


As a rule, two types of sports relaxation massages should be performed :

  • PRE - EXERCISE sports massage : the athlete is able to support a good workout more easily, giving the maximum in sports performance and avoiding muscle trauma.
  • POST-EXERCISE sports massage : it is the most important because it is performed after sporting activity, and has the purpose of accelerating the body's physical recovery, at the same time obtaining psychic relaxation. 

Are you looking for a decontracting sports massage ? Are you looking for a relaxing sports massage ? Trust the hands and professionalism of Armando Migliolaro, specialized in sports massage in Milan.

If you are in Milan, near the Central Station, take advantage of a rejuvenating shiatsu massage at my studio, in via Gluck, 50. I'll be waiting for you!


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