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Emotions, fears, inhibitions, discomforts, expectations, worries. You never stop getting to know a person. The body indeed contains the integrity of a person, and hidden within each cell there is life that speaks, expresses itself, and asks to be listened to and welcomed.

No part can therefore be neglected. From the feet to the hands, from the knees to the elbows, from the buttocks to the shoulders, from the back to the chest, and then the abdomen with all the internal organs, the neck and the head, which is the seat of our mind and our psyche, therefore our great fortune but also the starting point for much of our physical and psychological discomforts, our "contractions".


By manipulating the body, we send emotions and well-being to the brain through the nervous system. Massaging the body with love and attention means transmitting messages of reassurance, trust, friendship, confidence, loyalty, joy of living to the mind and psyche, messages that will then be transferred back to the body and allow a more positive and relaxed approach, therefore an improvement in the quality of life.

That's why it's effective. Because it restores harmony and balance where there are painful areas, releases and dissolves the stress accumulated during daily life, regenerates and reactivates the pleasure of living.

"My" massage is the result of a skillful fusion of various body manipulation techniques: shiatsu, chiropractic, bioenergetic massage, reflexology, neuromuscular, connective tissue, Chinese micro massage, and the most modern massages of American origin such as Rolfing, Californian, postural integration. It is the meeting point between East and West, between ancient and modern. It aims to awaken the latent "INNER PHYSICIAN" in each of us and to stimulate the ability of self-healing through the revitalization of cells, tissues, and organs of the body. It is a CUSTOMIZED massage, tailored to individual needs, centered on body communication.

Often, depending on the issue the client presents to me, I usually use hot stones. The use of stones in massage is not intended to replace the therapeutic power of hands, but it serves to enhance all body therapies, as it allows to achieve remarkable results in a short time: it loosens the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and back, drains fluid retention, improves circulation, smoothens the skin, improves metabolism, detoxifies the body, deeply relaxes the mind and body.

With friendship,
massage therapist in Milan


a milano




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